Partnership Opportunities

Internship Fair

Every spring the Career Development Center holds its annual Job and Internship Fair for SDSU Georgia students. The main purpose of the event is to connect qualified employers with skilled SDSU students through education, employment and internships opportunities.  Each year more than 60 private and public organizations take part in the Fair. The SDSU Georgia Job and Internship Fair 2019 will take place in March. If you are interested to register your company or would like more information about this event please contact:  

Post in our Job/Internship Database

Our employment database allows employers like you to share a job or internship opportunity privately with SDSU Georgia students. If you are interested or for more information please contact:

Host a Presentation or Workshop

The Career Development Center is proud to collaborate with employers in order to showcase industry specific events, including informative presentations, workshops, and training opportunities. This gives our students the opportunity to meet industry professionals and allows for employers to interact with SDSU Georgia students. For event inquiries please contact:

Guest Speaker Series

SDSU Georgia, in collaboration with Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), is offering a guest speaker series for SDSU Georgia students. The series aims to introduce SDSU Georgia students to a variety of exceptional people and ideas within and outside of their STEM based university education. We are always interested in learning more from local industry professionals. If a member of your organizatoin is interested in participating in this exciting event, please contact: or

Capstone Project

The Senior Capstone Project is an opportunity for students to gain hands on experience that complements the academic knowledge gained in university courses during their final year of study. This helps students prepare for future industries in industry, government, and academia. Students are encouraged to partner with industry professionals to work in teams and solve real world problems. This gives employers the chance to work closely with students and learn about their potential as future employees. If you are interested in collaborating with SDSU Georgia for a potential Senior Capstone Project, please contact: