Why Choose SDSU Georgia Students?

When you choose SDSU Georgia graduates as your next employees, you are hiring top talent. SDSU Georgia graduates offer a diverse range of skills and technical knowledge that can add value to your workplace.

  • Academic Excellence

SDSU Georgia students include some of the most qualified applicants in Georgia with top NAEC scores and advanced English communication skills. Students must maintain academic excellence throughout their academic career and demonstrate mastery of their area of study in order to receive their diploma.

  • Communication and Leadership Skills

Students are trained with advanced writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills which enables them to solve complex problems and work collaboratively in teams. Additionally, we offer student clubs, projects, and competitions that allow students to enhance their leadership skills outside of the classroom.

  • Top Technology and Facilities

Our students have access to cutting edge technology and state of the art equipment to gain hands on experience and learn using the best tools available. (Name of special equipment?)

  • American Degree

SDSU Georgia students earn an internationally accredited American degree from San Diego State University and a Georgian degree from Georgian partner university. All coursework is prepared by American University Professors and taught exclusively in English.  Each class is taught exclusively by SDSU California and SDSU Georgia professors in order to ensure quality.

  • Career Preparation

Our students have access to the SDSU Georgia Career Development Center. Their mission is to provide specialized training and development opportunities to prepare students to excel in their future careers. Also, the Career Development Center connects students with internship and job opportunities to provide hands on experience.