Job Search and Internships


SDSU Employment Services provide variety of possibilities to SDSU Georgia students through different activities that enhance chances of getting internships, competitive job offers and making important contacts with companies operating in Georgia.

Job Seeking tool:

  1. Career Services web-page registration:

Career Services provide a tool for job seeking, through registering on our online web-portal, where students are able to upload their resumes, find information on available vacancies from our partner organizations and get more information on Career and Employment Services planned events.

For registration, students must use their Red ID number, SDSU e-mail and upload a resume.

  1. Internship Fair

This is a brilliant opportunity for students seeking internships during their study process. SDSU Georgia holds annual Internship Fairs in Fall semester and more than 50 companies are permanently attending event to meet our talented and motivated students.

Please check Event Calendar for Internship Fair date.


  1. Job Fair

Creating a successful career starts with your first job interview. SDSU Georgia provides annual Job Fair for our Senior and Graduate students in Spring semester, where companies are eager to hire students for full-time positions. During the fair, students are given opportunity to meet and talk informally, discuss employment opportunities and benefits of working with the specific organizations.

Please check Event Calendar for upcoming Job Fair 2020.


  1. Industry Meetings

Industry meetings provide an opportunity for students to attend presentations held by organizations representatives who talk with students about career opportunities within their companies.

Meetings are held at SDSU Georgia different locations according to the industry sector of “presenter” company.

Please check Event Calendar for upcoming Industry Meetings and register.

Industry Meetings connect employers and students

  • Employers present part time, full time and internship opportunities available
  • Students learn the culture of the employer's organization
  • Networking leads to job offers

Please check Event Calendar for upcoming Industry Meetings and register.