What is Capstone/ Senior Design Project?

The Capstone Project, like its namesake, represents the pinnacle achievement of a student’s academic career. It is a two-semester senior design project that all SDSU students are required to complete in their final year. 

Capstone Projects are commonly used in the United States to test the academic, intellectual, and critical thinking skills that students have gained throughout their education while giving them valuable hands-on experience in their intended professions.

Senior students work in teams that are structured like an industrial design team, with specific tasks for each member based on their major and experience. They work under the joint guidance of a faculty advisor and a mentor from the industry on real projects and problems that come directly from SDSU’s partners.

This year our students are working with Efes Brewery and ISU-Medicine Program on industry projects.

The goal of the Capstone Projects is for student participants to come up with a finished product that meets the standards of the industry they are working with and provides a solution to specific problems that their industry mentor has presented them with. 

They are expected to go through the full sequence of activities involved in bringing a product to market. This includes detailed analysis, planning, designing, and testing, making modifications as needed, to ensure the timely delivery of a functional finished product. 

Upon completing the Capstone Project, students will have demonstrated their skills and their ability to learn and adapt while working through the stages of an industry project.


How can my Company sponsor a Capstone/Senior Design Project?

Take advantage of the opportunity and sponsor Capstone/Senior Design project for the 2020-2021 academic year, by submitting a proposal(s) that includes the project title, objectives of the project, a brief description, deliverables, and time frame (August-May) before September 2020. 

For more information contact Anna Shakhnazarova, Employer Relations Manager, [email protected]

Application Form:


Why sponsor a Capstone/Senior Design Project?

The Capstone Project is a great way for you to get new input for ideas or problems your organization is working on. By working with a team of students and their faculty sponsor, you can find new technological solutions to real-world issues. 

Industry sponsors have benefited from this collaboration in many ways, from getting a fresh perspective to giving existing employees the opportunity to learn new concepts, techniques, and technologies from our students.

The Capstone Project is also an opportunity for your company to evaluate potential staff hires and experience working directly with the students to see if they would make good additions to your organization after graduation. Functionally, this project is like a prolonged internship for students who get to know your organization while you get to know them.